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Ege University School of Physical Education and Sports, which was established in 1992, has been officially converted into Faculty of Sport Sciences as of 8 April 2016 with the decision of Council of Ministers. The Faculty is a pioneer in achieving the objectives set in the fields of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in Turkey, carrying out ideal education, high-level scientific research and adopting excellence.

Faculty of Sport Sciences, which has a long-established academic background since 1992, has started its training adventure with the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching. In 1994, in order to keep up with the developing sports economy and act in the interests of the country, the Department of Coaching Education and Sports Management was added to its structure. The faculty is currently continuing its educational activities with 3 active departments and 5 different education programs, namely the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Department of Sports Management (Formal and evening education) and Coaching Education (Formal education and evening education). The faculty has undertaken missions, to educate physical education and sports teachers, sports coaches and sports managers who are culturally equipped and capable of realities of the country and world, contributing to science world in the field of sports sciences by producing universal knowledge, improving the quality of life of the society on the basis of regional and national needs and developing country’s sport. The vision of the faculty is defined as ‘’ being an educational and research institution equivalent to the institutions providing physical education and sports training of qualified universities in the world by  eveloped corporate culture with strong ıdentity and enhanced organizational relations with national and international science and technology world.


The faculty presents the facility of having education for 250 students anually for 3 departments and 5 programmes (Physical Education and Sports Teaching- 50, Sports Management/formal education-40, Sports Management/ evening education- 40, Coaching Education/ formal education-60, Coaching Education/ evening education- 60) has over 1500 graduates since its establishment.

The Faculty of Sport Sciences is conducting educational activities at athletics field, gymnastic halls, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, facilities suitable for game sports training and applications, combat sports, fitness, extreme sports, water sports and so on. facilities which are totally equivalent to 64.485m² area of indoor and outdoor facilities.

Faculty of Sport Sciences is additionally conducting education at master and doctorate level with 5 different scientific chairs namely Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Sports Health Sciences, Movement and Training Sciences in Sports, Psychosocial Aspects of Sports, Sports Management Sciences. The faculty is conducting its own scientific activities to train equipped and knowledgeable academicians in their own fields with 9 laboratories including Sport Biomechanics Laboratory, Sports Psychology Laboratory, Kinanthropometry Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Exercise Biochemistry Laboratory, Climatic Chamber Laboratory, Kinesiology-Strength Laboratory, Performance Laboratory and Anatomy Laboratory. The faculty, which includes the Sports Sciences Specialization Library with rich content, has 16 classrooms with an area of 1100m² and a physical infrastructure that 856 students can study at the same time.

As part of the ERASMUS Project, which was initiated in 2007, the faculty continues its cooperation and educational projects with 12 partner universities from 11 different countries. Over the past 9 years, more than 50 undergraduate and graduate students have been sent abroad and accepted many undergraduate students from his collaborative universities by the faculty.


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